Speaker Request & Consultancy

Speaker Request & Consultancy

Many organisations rely on external speakers and consultants to complement in-house expertise whilst adding additional insights and knowledge, adding credibility and value to information and events.

There are several reasons why hiring an external speaker/consultant, a dual specialist psychologist with a CALD background which can be advantageous:

1. Delivering information often requires that knowledge will translate into action. Psychologists are experts in human behaviour and are well positioned to help your audience achieve the desired insights and changes.
2. Cultural competence. Skilled at being aware of emerging issues related to culture, religion, and diversity.
3. Adding knowledge. So being equipped a variety of subject matters and expertise, insights, evidence-based practice, trends and best practices to your audience
4. Adding inspiration. Offering high-energy, thought-provoking, passionate, and motivational speech to encourage and challenge your audience or to accept new concepts and ideas around diversity and inclusion.
5. Adding visibility. Being a recognised speaker from a CALD community can be an asset to your agenda, increase event attendance and attract interest.


Topics Available, but not limited to:


• Mind-Body Health Psychology
Stress / Stress management / Burnout / Mindfulness / Resilience / Emotional Awareness / Clinical Hypnosis / Breathing / Happiness
• Diagnoses and Issues
Depressions / Anxiety / Fear, Phobias / Bipolar / Post-Traumatic Stress / Anger / Body Image / Self-esteem / Trauma / Grief and Bereavement / Cultural Assessments
• Workplace Issues
Work-Life Balance / Stress Management / Emotional Intelligence
• Medical Issues
Illness / Chronic Pain / Infertility / Post-partum / Sleep / Health Psychology
• Developmental Issues
Infancy / Childhood / Adolescence / Adulthood / Aging
• Family Relationships
Couples Therapy / Parenting
• Addictive Behaviours
• Drugs and Alcohol / Sex/ Pornography
• Domestic and Family Violence
At-risk and victim assessment / treatment / assertiveness training / safety / trauma / offender treatment


Forensic Emotions, Deception, Investigative Interviewing and Behavioural Analysis

• Face and Emotions using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), Psychophysiology of Emotion and the Brain, Attentiveness and Mindfulness, Techniques of linguistic persuasion and manipulation, Communication channels (face, voice, body, language, ANS), Forensic psychological tools and assessment


Cultural Specific Issues

• Diversity
Multicultural awareness / Ethnic and Cultural Issues in Mental Health
• Refugee Issues
Assessment / Post-traumatic stress disorder/ Depression / Anxiety/ Coping / Communal resilience / Help-seeking behaviour
Islamophobia and Racism
Mental health / emotional and behavioural responses / discrimination / media / politics
• At-risk of violence
Anger regulation / behavioural issues / behaviour management / violent risk assessment / family & domestic violence / sexual assault / treatment and rehabilitation programs / religious issues / culturally and linguistically diverse clients

In submitting a speaker request, you are accepting responsibility to reimburse any applicable speaker or consultancy costs incurred for services provided.

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