Hanan Dover

Hanan is an accomplished Clinical and Forensic Psychologist who had established one of the most successful psychology clinics that serve culturally and linguistic communities of Western Sydney, Psychcentral.

Hanan is the Vice-President of the International Association of Muslim Psychologists, Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the College of Clinical and Forensic Psychologists within the APS. Hanan is also an Executive Member of the Psychology from an Islamic Perspective Interest Group of the APS, and Convener of the Muslim Mental Health Professionals Network in Sydney.

Hanan has served as an active Muslim community representative for over 20 years. She had founded Mission of Hope which is Australia’s very first culturally and religiously appropriate health and community development not-for-profit / charity organisation.

Hanan has also completed four degrees in the area of psychology whilst undertaking her fifth university degree as a PhD Candidate at the Western Sydney University’s School of Medicine. Her current PhD research is on the area of refugee mental health, resilience, and religious coping.

Hanan has been a sought out international keynote speaker invited to present in Europe, UK, Africa, Middle-East and Indonesia, Turkey, on matters related to Muslim mental health and psychological well being and presented at the Australian Psychological Society annual conferences. She is also the recipient of the Women of the West (Highly Commended) Award and Queen’s Trust of Young Australians Award. Hanan was also selected to participate in the health stream of the Australian PM’s 2020 Summit.

Hanan has established herself as one of most energetic and resourceful leaders of the Australian Muslim community. Driven by her passion for social justice and community-based empowerment with a deep sense of responsibility, Hanan has worked tirelessly to advocate the position of Australian Muslims.

Her advocacy has attracted the support of the grassroots Muslim community who have become strong supporters of trying to achieve social justice in Australia. Hanan is a skilled psychologist using her skills to use a variety of mediums to generate community-based resilience in the face of Islamophobia.

Hanan has also mentored many young women and men in the community who have shown interest in community work. She herself was not mentored so she believes she has a duty to pass on support to the next generation.

Hanan has also worked hard to empower her own community, helping establish forums of discussions between different groups to bring to the forefront the grassroots community’s voice to better service their needs.

Hanan has started numerous community-based campaigns, coordinated community initiatives, all while being a practicing psychologist, perpetual tertiary student, mother of three teenage daughters whilst being a single mother. She has worked tirelessly towards advocating for the Muslim community whilst also mentored young Muslims who have shown interest in community work by lending them advice and encouraging them to take a more active role in community initiatives.

Hanan is in the process of completing a unique self-help book designed for readers interested in the integration of strategies that incorporate modern psychological sciences and Islamic worldviews.

Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist & Certified PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy) Therapist