Are You In A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissist or Psychopath?

How to detect and protect yourself from a psychopath / narcissist in interpersonal relationships

How to recognise and deal with a narcissist or psychopath in your personal life?

What is narcissism and psychopathy?

What’s the difference between narcissism and psychopathy?

Why are they harder to detect in modern society?

How can you identify if you are in a relationship with them?

At what point does their narcissism or psychopathy become pathological and abusive?

Why do you get sucked into the relationship?

What makes you vulnerable? What makes your stay?

Do they understand empathy and remorse?

Can you manage being in a relationship with them? Is there hope?

How can you protect yourself from falling for narcissists or psychopaths?

Date: Saturday 1st of October 2016
Time: 1pm-3pm
Cost: $20 per person
Light refreshments and hand-outs included
Email: or call 1300 856 779 to register

Mental Wellbeing Workshop

Hanan Dover will be participating in the MSA NSW Sisters Wellbeing Series on Saturday the 3rd of September at the MSANSW Office located at 3/4 Brunker Road Greenacre NSW on the topic of Mental Wellbeing.

Entry is $10 per person. Women only.

Date: Saturday 3rd of September 2016
Place : 3/4 Brunker Road Greenacre NSW 2190
Cost : $10
Time : 10am – 1pm

Managing Negative Emotions Seminar (Depression, Anxiety, & Stress)

Date: 7th of September 2016
Place : Kogarah
Time : 7pm – 9pm

Emotional Regulation and Religious Coping Responses by Australian Muslims in the face of Islamophobia and Counter-Terrorism Policies

Australian Psychological Society 53rd Annual Convention

Date: 15th of September 2016
Place : Melbourne Convention Centre

Culturally-Competent Drug & Alcohol Counselling Services for the Muslim Community

Hayat House, Mission of Hope

Date: 21st of September 2016
Place: Bankstown Library & Knowledge Centre
Time: 9:30am

International Invited Keynote Speaker: Islamophobia, ‘Radicalisation’, and Counter-terrorism Policies and their Impacts on Muslim Youth

5th International Conference of the International Association of Muslim Psychologists

Date: 5th November 2016
Place: Yogyakarta, Indonesia